How to Get Your Clients On Board with Staging

YOU know that staging sells your listings for more money and faster. But, do your clients understand the importance of it? Real estate agents often come across clients who don’t care for home staging, calling it an unnecessary cost. But there is proof that staging works.

Here are tips to help get sellers on board:

When sellers say, “We don’t need to stage.”

You respond, “The market has changed and, thanks to shows on HGTV and websites like Pinterest and Houzz, buyers now expect more. They want the ‘wow’ moment.”

Buyers form their first impressions of a home within the first 15 seconds— whether they’re seeing photos online, or walking in the front door.

When sellers say, “We don’t have the money to stage.” 

You respond, “Staging is much less expensive and much more effective than having to reduce the home’s price. According to, the ROI for staging is 586%! The first few days and weeks are the best opportunity to get the home sold for the greatest profit.”

Sharing personal success stories from your staged homes is a great way to get clients on board.

When sellers say, “The buyers will just have to have a vision.”

You say, “The National Association of Realtors states that 77% of buyers find it easier to visualize the property as a future home because of staging.”

Show clients before and after photos of homes you’ve staged in the past—keep things visual and let the pictures do the convincing!

When sellers say, “I just want to sell as-is.”

You say, “87% of buyers will pay more for ‘move-in-ready.'” -National Association of Realtors

Buyers aren’t just looking for a home, they want a lifestyle experience, which creates an emotional connection.

About Ooh La La Home Staging

Ooh La La Home Staging, LLC, a home staging and design company located in Atlanta, GA, helps homeowners create a chic space to ensure a positive first impression from potential buyers.

Tiffany Geller, owner and operator of Ooh La La Home Staging, is an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP®) and a RESA-Pro. Tiffany has an eye and passion for design. Tiffany has been staging homes for years to help homeowners remain competitive in a thriving real estate market.

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