How to Get Your Clients On Board with Staging

YOU know that staging sells your listings for more money and faster. But, do your clients understand the importance of it? Real estate agents often come across clients who don’t care for home staging, calling it an unnecessary cost. But there is proof that staging works. Here are tips to help get sellers on board:… Read more »

Nervous about selling in December? Here are four reasons not to be.

Yes, it’s December and historically speaking, market activity usually dips this time of year. But I think we can all agree that nothing is really ordinary anymore, especially when it comes to real estate.    Records have been shattered, and trends are constantly being redefined. The numbers suggest that the supply (of available homes for… Read more »

5 Ways to Sleigh Home Staging for the Holidays

  ‘Tis the season for holiday décor. But how do you incorporate it into a home for sale? Or should you decorate at all? At Ooh La La Home Staging, we believe that there’s a tasteful way to incorporate cheer without overdoing it and potentially turning off potential buyers. 1) Clean, clean, clean before decorating. … Read more »

Your ‘Home Buying in a Boom’ Checklist

Buying a home is probably one of the most significant purchases and decisions you’ll ever make—especially in this ultra-competitive real estate market. No pressure, right? While the process may seem daunting, it’s completely doable when the correct planning and research are done ahead of time. Dream Big. Keep it Real. There’s a difference between wants… Read more »

Everyday Decluttering Tips That Keep Your Home Show Ready (Even if You’re Not Moving)

There’s a beautiful world of freedom hiding behind the clutter that lives in many homes. And having the power to enjoy your space (whether you plan on listing or not) allows you to feel organized and and decreases stress levels. (1) Start with 5 minutes. Yep, just 5 minutes. Just set your alarm clock and… Read more »

10 Ways to Connect Emotionally Through Staging

Purchasing a home is in itself an extremely emotional experience. Whether buyers are looking for their very first starter home or their dream forever home, they need to imagine their lives happening inside of the space being sold. So how do you leave buyer’s saying, “As soon as we walked through the doors, we knew… Read more »

Selling This Spring? Think Small with Renovations.

Remember the first time you saw the home you’re now selling—it probably wasn’t perfect, but it was a place where you could see yourself living and loving. And now that it’s time to move on, it’s up to you to provide that feeling of excitement all over again. Fortunately, selling doesn’t have to mean spending… Read more »

Baby it’s cold outside. Check out four ways for your home (and you) to weather winter.

Baby it’s cold outside. Check out four ways for your home (and you) to weather winter. The holidays are over (sad face) and now we’re just counting the days until spring temps arrive. It’s cold, getting dark early, and well, there’s not a whole lot to do. Ooh La La Home Staging’s solution? Embrace the… Read more »

THANK YOU + Tips for the Thanksgiving Table

PULL UP A SEAT, OOH LA LA IS CHANGING TRADITIONS. This thanksgiving is going to look different for most of us. Instead of crowding around a table and sharing our favorite foods, we’re staying distant from many of our loved ones and halting travel. Fortunately, there are still ways to enjoy the spirit of the… Read more »

New Home for the Holidays? Signs Point to Yes.

Photos cred:   If 2020 has demonstrated anything (besides the fact that we’re never giving up stretchy pants), it’s that the way we live is forever changed. And the flow of real estate trends is proving no different. Families are in their homes all. the. time. And while some are busy fixing up their… Read more »