What is E-design?

On the surface, E-design is simply what it sounds like– interior design professional services supplied completely on-line! E-design is a straightforward, budget-friendly solution to traditional interior design since the service is performed virtually, eliminating the requirement for in-person sessions & traveling. Everyone, anywhere worldwide can collaborate with an e-designer without needing to bother with geographic location. As a result of modern technology and the digital era, interior design services can now be achieved without a designer ever actually needing to enter your home. E-design is furthermore usually a much less complex, relaxed experience, with a quicker turn-around time than traditional interior design.

What Makes E-design So Great?

We are probably a little biased, however we personally do not see any downsides to hiring a virtual designer, just as long as it fits your project. Below are our reasons for being pro e-design:

  • DO-IT-YOURSELF – E-design offers excellent opportunities for you, the customer, to do some aspects yourself and learn more about design at the same time. You’ll take pictures and dimensions of your home to show your designer prior to the project and typically supply them with some examples of your ideas for your home. Shortly after your design is done, you’ll follow the furnished photos, quick guides, and/or shopping lists to shop for your pieces and put together your room.
  • Quick turn-around – Since e-design projects are done on a smaller scale, normally one room at a time, the turn-around time for a finished design is much faster. We complete room designs in less than a week so our clients can begin putting together their room quicker.
  • Flat rate prices – The majority of e-designers charge a flat rate fee for design services so there’s no secret charges or unexpected total at the end of the project. With more traditional interior design services, you might need to pay your designer a project retainer, hourly rate, as well as reimburse travel expenditures and other admin expenses.
  • Budget-friendly – along with just needing to pay a one-time fee for your design, e-design is usually more cost effective than traditional interior design. Due to the fact that you are doing a portion of the legwork for the project (taking measurements, taking care of orders, etc), you will not need to pay your designer to do those activities. You end up saving a lot of money, which then at that point can be spent on pieces for your home.
  • No pressure timelines – As soon as your design is finished, you get to go on your own to shop for your room & set everything up. This means it’s entirely up to you whether you want to order everything at the same time or purchase your things gradually. With traditional interior design projects, not making design selections or purchases can definitely affect the entire timeline of your project and even in some cases result in a much higher total project cost.

Is E-design Right For Me?

Each and every project is different, so there is no one size fits all solution. Nevertheless, below is exactly how you can determine if e-design will benefit you.

You should certainly work with an e-designer if:

  • You’re comfortable just interacting virtually. You know how to text/email/call/ video chat to communicate with your designer.
  • You do not mind a little do-it-yourself. You can measure your room accurately, take photographs, have no problem purchasing, and can put together your room by yourself. (Before you get freaked out by any one of those tasks, know that we supply in-depth guides on exactly how to do all of those items in our design bundles! You don’t need to be a pro, you simply need to understand exactly how to follow instructions.
  • You can express what you desire your design to look/feel like. You already have ideas and simply require somebody to put it all together in such a way the makes sense, but is still one-of-a-kind.
  • You would love to save money. You’re working with a limited budget and want as much money as possible to go toward the actual design.
  • You wish to start immediately. You want to get your finished design in your hand sooner rather than later.
  • You can hire help by yourself. You have no problem hiring service providers you might require, like painters or installers, to get your project completed.

You need to work with a local designer if:

  • You would definitely prefer in-person interaction with your designer. You really want person to go through your home during consultations and design appointments.
  • You desire the measurements and photographs to be done for you.
  • You require customized work like cabinets or building & construction done for your project.
  • You want your designer to take care of purchasing and deliveries.
  • You really want your designer to set up your room for you at one time.

We provide this service as an add-on to our virtual design packages for local clients (metro Atlanta area), just ask!

Misconceptions Regarding E-design

Interior design has typically been done in-person (or at least primarily in person), so a great deal of people– clients and designers alike– are a little cautious of this brand-new method of working on projects. E-design is brand new and different, and just like the majority of things that shake up the status quo, there are some frequent myths regarding it.

E-design is much easier for designers.
On the contrary. E-design is no easier (or more difficult) for the designer than traditional interior design services, simply different. E-designers might not need to manage orders/returns or entire days of installation, however we still do place a great deal of effort and time into ensuring that our clients design is just what they were wanting. On top of that, interacting solely through modern technology can provide a small hurdle at times, as we still need to ensure the items we recommend are right for the room without ever having actually been inside the client’s home.

E-design isn’t as client-focused/unique.
For one reason or another, some people have this notion that e-design = pre-made designs. This is 100% not the case, at least when it comes to OLLHS. We collaborate with our clients to identify their personal style & project requirements prior to making a one-of-a-kind design, customized exclusively to them. A few of the products utilized in e-designs might be repeated, as they are normally retail items rather than custom/to-the-trade only, however our designs are never duplicated!

E-design is like HGTV.
We can not provide a complete room design from scratch with just a $1000 budget and 2 days to finish it to ensure that you can purchase everything and set it up in time for your dinner party on Friday. We’re sorry, we’re really good, however we’re not that good. And like all good things, e-design still requires time. On that very same note, while we are willing to work with whatever (reasonable) budget you provide me, things cost what they cost & you get what you pay for. ‘Nuff said.