Let us answer your most common questions

What is home staging?

Home staging is the act of preparing a property to be put on the market for sale. Home staging assists the potential buyer in visualizing what each room’s purpose is. A good home stager controls the buyer’s eyes and highlights the benefits and features of the home while minimizing (not hiding) the negatives.

How is that different from Interior Design? 

Home staging prepares your home to be put on the market and sold. A good home stager utilizes the architecture of the house in order to target the broadest audience. On the other hand, an interior designer helps personalize the space you live in to make it more your style or upgrade the style you already have.

Do I have to stage my vacant home for sale?

You do not have to stage your vacant home, however, statistics show that a staged home will sell 73% faster, on average. Photos of staged rooms online give the potential buyers scale for the size of each room, and ideas on how to set their furniture up.

I love how my house is set up. Do I really need to stage it?

You may love the way your house is because you have made it yours and you live in it, however, it may not be what the buyer loves. As a seller, you need to realize that your home is a product, and it should be merchandised and marketed accordingly. A staged home is very different from a lived-in home. When staging, we ensure there is space to walk through every room easily, spaces should be simple and clean looking, there should be no clutter anywhere- counters, bookcases, shelves should have minimal accessories. This way, when a buyer previews the house, they are able to picture themselves in that space.

Do I have to hire a professional home stager?

You do not have to hire a professional stager, however, it is highly recommended. Stagers have a keen eye for space, colors, art, simplicity, and for what buyers like to see. Professionals can transform your home into a space that is versatile and attractive.

How much does home staging cost?

For owner-occupied homes, a consultation starts at $250 for up to 2 hours. Vacant home prices vary depending on the number of rooms staged and access into the property. Vacant staging packages start at $1,700.

I think I am going to wait and place the house on the market empty. Can I stage after the house has been on the market for a while?

Yes, you can do that, but remember that you only get one chance to make a first impression. Also, the cost of home staging will always be less than the first price reduction.  Also, keep in mind that buyers also pay attention to how long the home has been on the market. If the house takes too long to sell (perhaps due to being vacant), buyers may wonder what is wrong with the home.

How do I choose the right stager?

You can choose the staging company based on several different criteria. Some of the most common are: word of mouth, a referral from a trusted source, professional qualifications, website information, professional portfolio, pricing, inventory (owned or third party rental?), etc.

What is the process to get my house staged?

Once you reach out to us via email, phone or website, we will schedule a time to go and preview your property. We will take photos and get a feel for space, measurements, rooms, etc. The next step will be to quote your property and send a contract to be signed. Once the contract is signed and payment is made, we will select all the furniture and accessories to be placed in your home. We will schedule a day and time that works for you (preferably when all work in the house is complete – floors, paint, cleaners, etc). Based on how many months your contract is for we will keep it staged until it sells and/or contract is ending. If you choose to extend your contract for a longer period, you may do so at that time.

Do I have to move out of the house in order to sell it?

No, we also offer Walk and Talk consultations where we advise the seller on what to keep, what to remove, what to move, etc. We encourage you to keep the house in pristine condition, especially if you have pets when the home is being shown.