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Tiffany Gellar - Owner Ooh La La Home Staging

Tiffany Gellar – Owner

My name’s Tiffany Gellar, and I’m the owner of Ooh La La Home Staging. I’m a New York native, but I’ve lived all across the United States throughout my life. From New York to Hawaii and now Atlanta is where I have planted my roots.

After obtaining a psychology degree from the University of Phoenix, I realized that I loved real estate and that is when I started my real estate career. It was then that I first learned about home staging and I fell in love with staging homes to sell.

Melissa Carver - General Manager

Melissa Carver – General Manager

Born and raised in West Virginia for most of her childhood, she moved to Atlanta in the fall of 1992. She is a mom of 3 wonderful kids. At the age of 8 she realized she wanted to redesign her childhood home when she became an adult. From that point forward she has discovered her love for design and style. She attended fashion college in 1995 where she realized interior design was her passion. In 2014 she went into the moving industry where she learned logistics and sales management. She was working hand in hand with the original owner of OLLHS while in the moving industry when a logistics position opened up and she came on board in August 2020. She was promoted to GM in July 2021. She gets to do two of her passions in her role….growing a business and being creative. She looks forward to what the future holds and working with charity organizations in 2022.

Demetres - Head of Logistics

Demetres – Head of Logistics

Demetres is an Atlanta native who has raised three children and several nephews in this community. He has always been a hard-working young man who spends his spare time watching sports and cooking. His other businesses include lawn care and home improvement. Demetres enjoys working with kids and understands that it takes patience and understanding when dealing with children. In 2014-2016, he worked as part owner and manager of FitKids 365 which provided summer and after school programs for children in the Dekalb county area. He then began to transport more children to school and eventually began his own business during the school year which grew. He is very skilled in planning and transportation and is a very important part of our team.