Professional Home Stager

My name’s Tiffany Gellar, and I’m the owner and operator of Ooh La La Home Staging. I’m a New York native, but I’ve lived all across the United States throughout my life. After obtaining a psychology degree from the University of Phoenix, I started my real estate career. It was then that I first learned about home staging.

If you’re trying to sell houses, you soon learn that home staging for real estate is vital. It can mean a difference of thousands of dollars in many instances. If you don’t bother to stage a property, each room looks barren. It’s difficult for a potential buyer to envision what they would do with that space. It makes sense that houses an expert does not stage would sell for a lot less than you’d otherwise get.

The Home Staging Services I Offer Can Make All the Difference

As an expert home stager with years of experience, I know how to minimize a home’s less attractive qualities and accentuate the positive ones. I also know what to put in each room that will garner the highest offers, possibly more than you anticipated.

If you’ve vacated your home and moved already, and the house is empty, you should consider having me stage it for you. I have furniture and accessories ready to showcase the property in its best possible light.

Once I’m done staging your home, you can show off pictures on real estate listing websites that are a lot more attractive than empty rooms. The potential buyer will be able to envision themselves and their family living there much more easily.

Find Out Why Professional Home Staging Matters

Reaching out to me is the first step toward staging your home and getting a better-than-expected price for it. As a stager, I have a discerning eye for color, spatial awareness, art, and other elements that often come into play during the first critical stage of the sale process, which is wooing the buyer.

If you don’t hire a professional stager, and you take pictures of the house as it currently is, you might not get what you deserve for it, or you may receive no offer at all. Call me today at 770-771-4562.