First impressions matter, which is why hosting a successful open house is essential when selling a home. Dark rooms? Bad odors? Clutter? No. No. No. If buyers don’t like the staging or interior design, it can really put them off, even if your home ticks all the boxes.

Sometimes selling a home is all about optics. Follow Ooh La La Home Staging’s Open House Checklist and watch the offers come pour in:


  • Clean exterior of windows
  • Add a new welcome mat by the front door
  • Mow the lawn
  • Mulch your garden


  • Lockup or remove valuables
  • Clear clutter, minimize personal items
  • Empty dishwasher, kitchen sink, and garbage cans
  • Clear and clean all kitchen and bathrooms
  • Open curtains
  • Repair any visible damage to doors, walls, cabinets, trim
  • Set out fresh flowers
  • Check lightbulbs throughout your home
  • Close toilet lids

When it comes to getting your home ready for an open house, hiring a professional stager is extremely helpful. Partner with Ooh La La Home Staging, and you are guaranteed to get an accredited home stager who focuses on your home’s architectural features and designs a space that attracts buyers.

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