Why Stage?

With a single mouse click, your house can be considered or rejected simply from a quick glance at pictures. In today’s real estate staging market, a picture is worth thousands of dollars.

The purpose of real estate staging is to create photogenic rooms that display your home’s strengths, maximize the perception of square footage, and elevate your property’s online and in-home appeal.

The National Association of Realtors recently announced that property inventories are at an all-time high. With competition being tough, sellers must be prepared to present their home in the best possible light.

Fact: ASP® (Accredited Staging Professional) staged homes sell faster and for more money because real estate staging services will showcase the house at its best.

We never get a second chance to create a great first impression making it imperative that your house is “dressed to impress.”

Why should an ASP® stage your home?

It is no secret that home staging is an investment. Yes, it does come at a cost. Whether property inventories are at an all-time high, or an all-time low, competition is stiff, and sellers must be prepared to present their home in the best possible light. The goal is for the home for sale to be memorable, clearly defined, and appealing. The returns are usually far greater than the cost involved. If you would like to see more detailed statistics of staging returns on investment, click here.

It is important to remember that first impressions count! A typical home buyer will decide if they are attracted to a home or not in the first 17 seconds of seeing it. If a buyer believes that they like a home, they will validate or reject that fact within 20 minutes and those minutes are directly affected by the amount of effort that went into staging the home.

We suggest leaving nothing to the imagination.

A staged home will help the buyer see the space as move-in ready. The importance of this factor cannot be overstated. A well-staged home appears good-to-go and if a home does not, it’ll be harder to sell.

Don’t forget to fill in the blanks.

Vacant rooms often do not appear as large as they are without furnishings inside. You need to “paint the picture” for a potential buyer. Many buyers struggle to see a home’s potential and focus only on the obvious. If a home it is cluttered, dirty, and outdated, that impression will stay with them. Even if they can visualize the home’s potential, the seller will likely lose ground on a price negation because the home will appear “unfinished” to the buyer. With the real estate marketing having an increased inventory, you must set your house apart.

Why can’t I stage my property myself?

One word: objectivity. Buying and selling a home is mostly an emotional decision.  You hold an emotional connection to your home and belongings making it difficult to be objective

It’s hard to see your beloved family photos or your extensive collection of antique clocks in the way a stranger would.  Using an ASP® to stage your home will offer you an impartial and professional viewpoint.

Consider utilizing the skills and training of an ASP®.

Effective home staging services combined with real estate knowledge, interior design principles, marketing experience, and a hard-to-define “creative flair” simply can’t be taught. Most people don’t possess all these skills which is why you need the competitive advantage of a trained ASP®. They are trained under strict guidelines using proven home staging techniques developed for decades by Barb Schwarz, the creator the “Home Staging®” concept.

Ilana Weismark, owner and operator of Ooh La La Home Staging Services, LLC, in Atlanta, GA, can offer her trained-eye and French touch to create staged spaces that sell. She can also provide you with reputable referrals for services such as landscaping, repairs, plumbing, painting, furniture rentals, and more. She will also pass along industry discounts to her clients whenever possible. Please refer to her full list of services here.

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