What’s New for 2022: Interior Design Trends

We’re now entering our third year in a global pandemic (sigh), so it’s no wonder that we are still looking around our homes, wondering how to improve on our spaces. Every inch matters and must serve a purpose—whether it’s a corner becoming a corner office or a patio becoming the hottest hangout on the block.

Check out the following trend predictions for 2022. And remember that your interior design style should always reflect your ‘vibe.’


Trends are leaning towards primary hues, pale tones, and botanical shades. Choose earthy, organic colors like olive greens, sandy neutrals, and clay-toned terracotta shades to add warmth without appearing too stark. And don’t forget about white. It has the power to lighten up spaces and exudes a calm and clean feeling.


No matter what year it is, cozy should always be at the top of the list regarding furniture choices. Besides that, designers anticipate the popularity of curved furniture with soft lines (think rounded sofa backs and curved sideboards).

Don’t forget to incorporate vintage items into modern looks. Check out local thrift stores or even your grandparents for things that are well made and project who you are.

Ooh La La Home Staging


With more time spent inside, people crave a bit of nature—which can be accomplished through marble, terracotta, and other organic materials. Layers add depth, create visual interest, and provide the calming aspect of being outdoors.

Ooh La La Home Staging

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