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Summer 2022 Outdoor Trends

Can we all agree that we love summer?! The pollen is gone, and the sun is shining bright in Atlanta, GA! But, do you have a space that’s inviting for you and your guests to enjoy the great outdoors? Check out the following tips to get your space ready: Clean off the last of the… Read more »


First impressions matter, which is why hosting a successful open house is essential when selling a home. Dark rooms? Bad odors? Clutter? No. No. No. If buyers don’t like the staging or interior design, it can really put them off, even if your home ticks all the boxes. Sometimes selling a home is all about… Read more »

5 Things You’ll Really Need on Moving Day

Think of this as a checklist for your future self, the frazzled person (yes, you) who just wants to be able to brush your teeth and get into a made bed but who has no idea where to find the toothpaste. Extra cleaning supplies Even new homes get dirty after a day of lugging and… Read more »

What’s New for 2022: Interior Design Trends

We’re now entering our third year in a global pandemic (sigh), so it’s no wonder that we are still looking around our homes, wondering how to improve on our spaces. Every inch matters and must serve a purpose—whether it’s a corner becoming a corner office or a patio becoming the hottest hangout on the block…. Read more »

How to Get Your Clients On Board with Staging

YOU know that staging sells your listings for more money and faster. But, do your clients understand the importance of it? Real estate agents often come across clients who don’t care for home staging, calling it an unnecessary cost. But there is proof that staging works. Here are tips to help get sellers on board:… Read more »

Nervous about selling in December? Here are four reasons not to be.

Yes, it’s December and historically speaking, market activity usually dips this time of year. But I think we can all agree that nothing is really ordinary anymore, especially when it comes to real estate.    Records have been shattered, and trends are constantly being redefined. The numbers suggest that the supply (of available homes for… Read more »

Common Mistakes When Preparing to Sell Your Home

Focus on what matters. When preparing your home for sale, don’t get caught up in the unfinished basement or in a secondary bedroom closet, even if they are disasters. Start on the main areas, the kitchen and the master bedroom. Move to other spaces afterwards. Out with the old, and in with the new. Update… Read more »

Tips for Prepping Your Home for Sale

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions. Curb appeal is crucial to a good first impression, so you must ensure that your lawn is eye catching and in pristine condition. Mow the lawn, prune the bushes, trim trees and plant pretty flowers. Exterior Makeover. A tacky exterior will make potential buyers think that you haven’t properly maintained your home’s… Read more »

Stuff I’ve made for Staging – Part 2

…. and that I wish I could keep for myself! My latest creation is a fun one. As I was driving on a Tucker, GA street the other day, I spotted what others consider trash but I consider a treasure: a sweeeeeeet pallet! If you too spend a lot of your free time perusing Pinterest,… Read more »

Stuff I’ve made for Staging – Part 1

I said in my previous post, I LUUUV to make stuff. Especially stuff made with wood. This all started when Hubby and I decided to remove the carpets in our living/dining/play-rooms and to lay our own hardwood floors. As soon as we started installing the floor boards, it became clear to everyone involved that I… Read more »