Nervous about selling in December? Here are four reasons not to be.

Yes, it’s December and historically speaking, market activity usually dips this time of year. But I think we can all agree that nothing is really ordinary anymore, especially when it comes to real estate. 


Records have been shattered, and trends are constantly being redefined. The numbers suggest that the supply (of available homes for sale) vs. the demand (number of people looking to buy) relationship still favors the seller. Phew! But will that still hold during the busiest time of the year? We think yes, and here’s why: 

  • Those house shopping during the holidays tend to be serious lookers. While fewer people are out there looking, the ones out there are not messing around. And many times, job transfers happen around the holidays—meaning those people need houses ASAP and are willing to pay top dollar!
  • Many sellers are busy with holiday plans and wait until January to list homes. By taking advantage of the December market, your home will have less competition than those waiting until January.
  • It’s the holidays, so let your home shine! Without going too over the top, potential buyers can connect to your home through the scents of cinnamon and pine and the sights of presents and twinkling white lights.
  • Everyone loves having great neighbors…and nothing makes home buyers feel more at home than driving into a festively decorated street. People purchasing a home during December will witness the cheerful sense of community—and maybe more willing to buy in an area they initially weren’t drawn to.

Selling a home during December presents a unique opportunity to create a warm and cozy environment that can’t be experienced during other times of the year. Use it to your advantage and watch your home fly off the market.

If you or someone you know has a home on the market or is thinking of selling, contact Ooh La La Home Staging to transform any empty house into a buyer’s dream.

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