10 Ways to Connect Emotionally Through Staging

Purchasing a home is in itself an extremely emotional experience. Whether buyers are looking
for their very first starter home or their dream forever home, they need to imagine their lives
happening inside of the space being sold.
So how do you leave buyer’s saying, “As soon as we walked through the doors, we knew we had tohave this house!”?

While it’s still true that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, people also want to feel what
bedrooms and other living spaces will look like with furniture in them. Check out some easy and inexpensive ways to connect emotionally with potential clients:

•Stage your kitchen with herbs, fruit, and fresh flowers.
•Trade out old towels for plush, white ones in the master bathroom

•Donate old throw pillows and treat your couch to new ones to freshen up a living room.
•Paint an accent wall in a bedroom, living room, or dining room to add interest without
having to change the architecture of your home.
•Remove window treatments to maximize the light coming into your home.
•Invest in fresh, new bedding—this is an easy change that can be taken with sellers after
•Add dimension on a coffee table by stacking books and placing a candle on top.
Seriously…it works every time.
•Three is a magic design number. Instead of displaying matching objects as a group, mix
three items of different heights to create a coordinated, but visually interesting display.
•Stage a room (or space in a room) to feel like a home office. In today’s market, buyers
need to imagine themselves having room to work from home when needed.

•Ditch the end tables if your living room is feeling cluttered for an easy way to help a
space feel more open and airy.

When a home is empty, it’s hard to form emotional connections (the same is also true if a home
is overloaded with personal items and clutter). The result of excellent home staging is a look
that tells a home’s story—one that plays up the best qualities of a space and inspires a vision
people can really buy into.
If you or someone you know has a home on the market or are thinking of selling, contact Ooh
La La Home Staging to transform any empty house into a buyer’s dream home.
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