Everyday Decluttering Tips That Keep Your Home Show Ready (Even if You’re Not Moving)

There’s a beautiful world of freedom hiding behind the clutter that lives in many homes.
And having the power to enjoy your space (whether you plan on listing or not) allows you
to feel organized and and decreases stress levels.

(1) Start with 5 minutes. Yep, just 5 minutes. Just set your alarm clock and go. This is a
great way to gain momentum into your new organized life (and I bet you’ll keep going
once the buzzer rings).

(2) Trust the one-in-one-out rule. This one is easy…when you buy something new, donate
or throw one old item away. This rule applies to every room in your home.

(3) Don’t turn your kitchen into a junk drawer/room. Because kitchens tend to be the
center of homes, it’s easy for them to turn into clutter zones. During your sorting time,
consider whether or not certain items should to live in the kitchen or if they can relocate
elsewhere in your home (or the garbage can).

(4) Fill a trash bag. OK, this one is a fun, easy, and satisfying challenge. First, grab a large
trash bag and set a 20-minute timer. Then GO! You only have those 20 minutes to run
around gathering items to donate. When the timer goes off, the bag goes in your car
and off to donate.

(5) Take before and after pictures. Choose an area of your home like a small bathroom and
take photos of the both the messy and organized area. These photos will be a great
reminder of how your entire home can look!


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