Summer 2022 Outdoor Trends

Can we all agree that we love summer?! The pollen is gone, and the sun is shining bright in Atlanta, GA! But, do you have a space that’s inviting for you and your guests to enjoy the great outdoors? Check out the following tips to get your space ready:

  • Clean off the last of the pollen. Do you know what’s annoying? Sitting down on a chair only to realize your clothes are suddenly covered in yellow dust. Tip: If your furniture is waterproof, just hose it down!
  • Create a comfortable lounge area. If you’re working with a large open space, add some definition with a setup similar to what you have indoors. Table + chairs + outdoor rug = an outdoor room you’ll love.
  • Hang party lights! No matter how big (or small) your space is, nothing quite says summer fun more than party lights twinkling above. They’re relatively easy to hand and truly an inexpensive way to decorate!
  • Plant a vegetable garden. Sounds too difficult? It’ doesn’t have to be! Start small, possibly just herbs like basil and rosemary. Once you’re feeling more confident, move on to tomatoes and cucumbers. Not only will your garden look great, but soon you’ll be entertaining in your yard, snacking off the food you created!

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