Your ‘Home Buying in a Boom’ Checklist

Buying a home is probably one of the most significant purchases and decisions you’ll ever
make—especially in this ultra-competitive real estate market. No pressure, right? While the
process may seem daunting, it’s completely doable when the correct planning and research are
done ahead of time.
Dream Big. Keep it Real.

There’s a difference between wants and needs when it comes to house hunting. And while no
one should have to give up a dream, it’s essential to know your priority list when making a quick
decision about making an offer.
Does the school district matter more than quartz counters in the kitchen? We’re not being
literal here. But, sometimes, a shiny, new kitchen can seem more important than an elementary
school before having kids. Even if having a family isn’t on your current to-do list, having access
to a quality school district can be extremely important in the long run (even if it’s just for resale
Is a basement more critical than a flat backyard? Ask yourself, “Self? Am I more of an inside
or outside person?” If the great indoors is more your jam, then having more of it should take
priority over a large yard. And if having friends and family over for BBQs is at the top of your
dream list, keep it there when looking at homes.

Does a master on the main mean more to you than a home with room to grow? This isn’t a
trick question—there’s no right or wrong answer. But it is essential to know your priorities
before making a quick decision!

Does a move-in ready home trump its location? Even though it may seem like you’re looking
for your forever home at the time, it’s always important to plan for the future. Look for homes in
areas where property values are on the rise, so if you do end up selling down the road, you’ll be
able to capitalize on added equity. Remember that a kitchen can always be renovated, but a
location never changes.
Start your house hunt with a list of what you want, don’t want, and stick to it. And remember not
to let the perfect be the enemy of the good when you’re searching for a home.


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