Stuff I’ve made for Staging – Part 1

I said in my previous post, I LUUUV to make stuff. Especially stuff made with wood. This all started when Hubby and I decided to remove the carpets in our living/dining/play-rooms and to lay our own hardwood floors.

As soon as we started installing the floor boards, it became clear to everyone involved that I would be the one manning the circular saw. Don’t ask why, I have no idea. Is it the feeling of power? The danger involved? Who knows… All of the above plus the fact that I really dig the smell of cut wood.

So I went from laying hardwood floors to creating cool pieces. I’ve refinished furniture, made it all Etsy-like, played around with different cutesy Pinteresty projects…

But when I came across, my life became complete. This girl is something else. If you are remotely attracted to building your own furniture, you too can follow her step-by-step instructions and feel empowered.

A few months ago I was looking for a good headboard to use for staging a vacant home for sale. Nothing caught my eyes and, anyway, my wallet couldn’t handle the steep prices dangling from the ones I saw in stores.

So I browsed Ana’s plans and here’s what I found: a West Elm inspired Headboard!

I studied the plan and off I went to my trusted Home Depot for the lumber.

Like I said, I love building. But do you know what I like even more? A good deal! This headboard cost me $17 in lumber, as opposed to the retail price tag of $350.

I focused, I sweated in 95 degree Atlanta weather, I killed my knees working on the floor, I screwed up a few times…..

But here was my masterpiece in all its unfinished glory:

I figured I should spray-paint it espresso-brown, but that really didn’t come out great…

Yeah….. nope. Change of plans. But what color should I go for???

Now remember, Staging is all about making a house as appealing as possible to the broadest audience, so I had to keep it safe. Lord knows I would have painted it bright orange or deep if it was up to me.

And then… Target came through in the clutch. Don’t they always? This baby went on sale:

Look! It’s the exact same overlapping squares design! Woohoo!!! And the ones I found at my local Tarjay were painted black. The color decision was made for me.

Here is my lovely black handmade headboard and its matching side tables in a home I staged recently. You can’t see any details but you can trust me: it looks FAB!

The house went under contract 24 hours after being put on the market. Think my bedroom set sold it?

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