Real Estate CE Classes


Staging to Sell: What every Agent Should Know™



Instructor: Ilana Weismark, RESA-Approved CE Instructor
Georgia Provider Number: 7154
Course Number: 61631 (3 Credit Hours)

In this course, you will learn:

  • What is home staging
  • What is included in home staging
  • The cost and value of home staging: ROI factors
  • Importance of leveraging marketing efforts with staging, photos, and internet presence
  • How buyers think and what influences them to buy
  • Home staging statistics and facts
  • Why sellers respond better to professional stagers’ advice
  • Why agents should not stage
  • How to collaborate with a home stager
  • How to present home staging to your clients and overcome objections

This course is offered at a nominal charge and may be held in Realtors’ and Brokers’ offices.

Email for more info, or call 770 312 6723.