It’s time to re-cozy (yes, that’s a word) your bedroom for sweet dreams.

It’s time to re-cozy (yes, that’s a word) your bedroom for sweet dreams.


You’re getting sleeeepy, very, very sleeeeepy. Or are you wide awake most nights due to stress? These are difficult times, which can lead to some very sleepless nights.


In a recent study, 76.8% of participants stated that the Coronavirus outbreak has affected their sleep.  (


Don’t worry, at Ooh La La, we’re not just stagers, we’re also therapists. Well, we don’t have any actual degrees in therapy, but we do know how to help you have a better night’s sleep.


Grab a paint brush.

We cannot say enough about the power of serene color palettes. Your relaxing oasis should make you feel calm after long days of chaos. A mix of materials, like wood and velvet, help add texture, while keeping a peaceful atmosphere.


Tip: Before painting your entire room, purchase color samples and paint a poster board. Move the samples around the room to make sure it looks good in all lighting.


Make your bed (and now I’m actually turning into my mother).

Seriously though, look at the state of your current bed. Is it even made? No judgements here because we also forgot to make ours this morning. But if the sight of your bed doesn’t make you want to dive into it for a good night’s sleep, chances are you won’t have one. The steps are easy…pull up sheets, pull up blanks, and add pillows. Voila!

Take a seat.

A cozy chair in the corner of your room or an upholstered bench at the foot of the bed can provide a place to relax and read outside of your bed (refer to above where we lecture you on making yours). Try adding a large rug under your bed and seating area to give your space a sense of cohesion and balance.


Treat your windows.

If the light creeping in your windows is waking you up at dawn, we have a brilliant solution —cover them. Rattan shades are making a huge comeback because they add texture to any room. Add a liner or install curtains over the shades to add privacy (from both the sun and your neighbors).



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