Do kitchens and baths sell homes? Yes. But currently, home offices are king.

Imagine that you need to move right now. Yes, in the middle of a pandemic. Your must-haves
rarely change…an awesome kitchen and a huge master bathroom. But don’t forget what has
recently become the most important room—a home office. Check out the following tips on
what to keep an eye out for when considering work spaces.


Make sure your office is an area that you can shut down when the work day ends.
Nothing says relaxation more than a bedroom with work papers strewn throughout, right?
That’s a hard no. When house hunting, take note of areas that can serve as an office in the
future. And it doesn’t have to be an entire room. A nook in the hallway or an empty walk-in
closet can serve as some of the best “corner offices.”

Lighting matters.
The lighting in a room can change your mood and productivity. Look for an area that gets
natural sunlight. If that’s not an option, add lighting that is bright enough so you’re not
squinting by the end of the day. Remember to make sure the lighting doesn’t cast a glare on
you while on video calls.
And most importantly, decorate and organize the area BEHIND you for video work calls.
When you’re working in an actual office, you typically decorate the space around you to be
visually pleasing. But when a screen is your office, it’s important to make the space behind you
neat and professional. We’re all working from home these days…and I can’t tell you some of
the set ups that I’ve seen. From watching someone lying in bed under their covers to seeing an
old sheet being used to half cover a window, there is no end to what people think isn’t visible
from the other side of the camera.

Which brings me to my exciting news (drumroll please)…I’m thrilled to add Virtual Office
Design to my list of home staging services!

As mentioned earlier, I’ve seen it all through the screen. And my team is here to help. We’ll
meet over video so I can see exactly what your co-workers are viewing. I’ll then suggest lighting
and how to rearrange what you already own to turn it into a professional setting (even if it’s
actually just a closet).

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