Baby it’s cold outside. Check out four ways for your home (and you) to weather winter.

The holidays are over (sad face) and now we’re just counting the days until spring temps arrive. It’s cold, getting dark early, and well, there’s not a whole lot to do.

Ooh La La Home Staging’s solution? Embrace the hibernation and use this time of year to cozy up your home both physically and metaphorically.

 You’re Getting Sleepy

You know that feeling when you wake up on a cold morning, drag yourself out of bed, and step onto a freezing floor? Yeah, me too. Winter is the perfect time of year to buy an extra-soft, extra-warm rug that’ll make you feel cozy every morning. Think high-pile and shag rugs…not only will they add warmth, they’ll also up your style game (and make mornings a tad more tolerable).

Look Outside

Actually, let’s focus on your windows. With a nip in the air, chances are you may experience drafts coming from openings.  Gaps around the window frames and doors can allow air to leak inside, so you’ll want to check that your weather stripping is still intact from last year.

Unfortunately, even windows with the tightest seals can stay cold. Here’s a tip—install thick drapes to keep the cold air where it should be…outside. And even better, they can give your room a whole new stylish look.

We’re Major Fans

Do you stop using your ceiling fans once summer ends? It’s time to turn them on again—this time in reverse. Most fans have a switch that allows you to change the fan-blade rotation which sends cool breezes up, not down. Fancy, right?

Bring in the Green

See those plants outside? Just like you, they don’t like to freeze. And since plants don’t wear sweaters (hey, new invention idea!), go ahead and bring them indoors. Not only will it help your plants survive the long winter, it will also add a touch of spring to your home.

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