5 Things You’ll Really Need on Moving Day

Think of this as a checklist for your future self, the frazzled person (yes, you) who just wants to be able to brush your teeth and get into a made bed but who has no idea where to find the toothpaste.

Extra cleaning supplies

Even new homes get dirty after a day of lugging and stacking boxes. Make sure you’re good on paper towels, a handheld vacuum, cleaners, sponges, and trash bags at both your past and future home.


The last thing you want to be on moving day is hangry. So make sure you keep water and snacks handy (may we suggest trail mix and granola bars?)

Important documents

Don’t forget to keep the necessary paperwork handy on moving day. Think driver’s license, leasing agreements, mortgage papers, and moving company contracts.

“Open first” box

Consider this box a housewarming gift to yourself and fill it with what you’ll need ASAP in your new space. Don’t forget wine (obviously), toothbrush, coffee maker, phone chargers, batteries, lightbulbs, hand soap, and towels. Oh, and please don’t forget the toilet paper. You can thank us later.

Cash to tip movers

They work hard all day and really deserve whatever you can give. Pizza also works.

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