5 Reasons to Stage your Property

In this day and age, where buyers are spending a lot more time online before venturing out to a select number of homes to preview, it is essential that your property stand out.

Here are 5 reasons staging makes a difference, and will catch the eyes of buyers.

1) Builds Emotional Connections and Relatability– People by nature have a desire to find things they can relate to, and instinctively try to connect. We like going places and buying things that make us feel content and gives us an overall good feeling. Buyers are more inclined to buy a house that they can picture themselves inside of; doing an activity that they do daily or an activity that they want to do in the future, particularly with family.

2) Adds Value and Marketability– When a homeowner decides to put their home on the market there are two things on their mind: How quickly can I sell this home and how much can I sell it for? A staged home can bring between 5 to 20 percent of added value to a home versus an un-staged home. Most homes will typically be sold through an online platform, making it easier for potential buyers to find the home they’re seeking and make the effort to go view the home. So, they will make a decision on the homes they want to inquire about based on whichever is most appealing and presents the majority of the requirements that they’re looking for. Imagine trying to purchase a home without walls, doors or windows; all you see is just the frame. Would you instantly be able to see the value in that building? Would you feel encouraged to go view it? People have a tendency to want to see the completed package; they want to know exactly what they’re buying. If a buyer can see exactly what they’re purchasing sooner than later, chances are they are more likely to make a decision sooner than later and pay the full price for what it’s worth.

3) Creates A Vision– There are some people who can walk into an empty room and imagine every configuration and all the options that can go into a space. They know what the room should be or could be. Then there are those who look around and all they can see is the empty space around them. If it wasn’t for defining factors such as a fridge, a sink, or a stove, they would have no idea that they’re standing in a kitchen. That’s where home staging come in. It helps to create a vision and fill in the blanks where needed. Staging defines a space as what it is designed to be and gives options to show what could go well in that space.

4) Clears up the Clutter– The definition of “clutter” is, a collection of things lying about in an untidy mass. As a buyer, walking into a room that is crowded or a mess can certainly leave a bad impression. Firstly, you really can’t get a clear view of the details in the home, and it makes the buyer feel like there’s no room to put their things. Secondly, it gives the buyer the impression that the seller does not care about selling their home and probably hasn’t maintained their home very well. The cleaner the space looks, the better impression you’ll give the buyer.

5) Gives the Illusion of Space– When staging a home, Home Stagers have a goal to make the best use of each individual area they have to work with. They use the least amount of furniture and accessories to fill the space in order to allow future buyers room to imagine themselves within the home, but see what could possibly fit. Whether it’s adding a rug, changing the positioning of a sofa or putting up mirrors, a home stager is going to make it happen.

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